I put this blog together for the purpose of informing as well as introducing as many people as possible to the world of multiple streams of income.

The world is changing right in front of our eyes by leaps and bounds, and with the advancement in new technology and automation, people worldwide are creating massive wealth with just their laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. ( Laptop Lifestyle ).


There has been a lot of wealth generated over the last couple of years with the development in cryptocurrencies worldwide. There have been some big winners and even more losers in this growing market. As with any other market that deals with creating wealth, you also have to beware of all the people out there that have every intent on getting your money by any means necessary.

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The key to building a strong a resilient income online is going back to school and do the things that have been done for generations.  The blue-print is out there and do-able for everyone that wants to put in the effort. This business is not for the weak,  you have to have the right mindset and be driven. You have to be able to bounce back from failure with a drive and determination that nothing is going to stop you from obtaining what you want out of life. You also have to connect into the right group of people. that have the same like mind, that have the same desire for financial independence.

Along with exploring ways to create wealth , this blog will also focus on achieving better health, through healthy eating, exercise, and maintaining it for the long term.

Since i am an over-the -road trucker driver that will be my main focus, but this blog is for everyone. Regardless of age Millennials to Baby Boomers, whether you are on the path to retirement, and want to supplement your retirement income. Or you are just starting out raising a young family, or somewhere between. There is something for everyone.