The Journey Begins

Hello World! I am Felix #TheCryptoTrucker #CryptoFelix Swanson and the reason i created this blog is to share my journey to better Health, Wealth, and Financial Independence. And bring as many like minded people as possible on the journey with me.

First and Foremost i want to say that i do not want to portray myself as some sort of expert writer, journalist, or that i’m an expert on the subjects i will be writing about. I’m just an ordinary Trucker who happens to be a lifelong Entrepreneur, who has operated businesses, most of my adult life. From Franchises to traditional Brick-n-Mortar to Trucking. And the one thing they all have in common is too much OVERHEAD!

On this Blog i will be concentrating on how to create Multiple Streams of Income, and make Money while you sleep. Creating a Laptop Lifestyle. Being able to have the Freedom to make an income anywhere that has WiFi.

I will be covering topics on the Crypto-Currency Market, Stocks, Penny Stocks, Trading Online, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robots, and New Tech.

And what good does it do to build Wealth and not do the things to improve your Health. I like many Truck Drivers suffer from lack of exercise, and eating unhealthy foods. So i will be concentrating on becoming Physically Fit and finding the right Mindset to accomplish it all.

That’s about all for this post, thanks for reading, and i look forward to you taking this Journey with me.


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